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"The interval between the initial application of heat to an egg and its hatching."

"The time interval required for the development of disease; the time between the invasion of the body by a disease agent and the appearance of the first clinical signs."

Syren Spawn is the Pacific Northwest-based company that has been turning heads with its innovative approach to supporting the emerging artist. Syren Spawn combines Touring, Promotion and Marketing, Recording Production, Label shopping, musician insurance, basic band business consulting, management and more to provide a warm and nurturing environment for "hatching" our Spawn that the Pacific Northwest is birthing. Syren Spawn is not about managing bands. It's about "incubating" the professional musician(s) that will put this area of the world back on the map as the nest of talented musicians.

Like the 500+ other business incubators across North America, Syren Spawn exists to provide the unique nurturing a young enterprise needs during the formative years. Syren Spawn has researched countless musicians, venues and labels in a search for methods and techniques that work... and those that don't. As a result, we have developed detailed Syren "systems" that have proven effective when applied by an artist with a solid work ethic. Our systems approach to launching and expanding a band provides turn-key music business systems for eliminating most of the pitfalls of the new and emerging artist. Our network of support provides the gridwork to sustain the ongoing growth of an artist through several music related projects.

Syren Spawn is so named because it is made up of a strategic grouping of music industry vehicles. These vehicles integrate together to form the nurturing environment we're famous for. Syren Spawn team provide innovative recording options for roster artists. Desert Mermaid (DMT) Travel, a licenced and bonded travel agengy, serves as the wing spreading arm of Syren Spawn. DMT Provides tour booking and travel related services to the band that wishes to expand their fanbase to areas outside of their own neighborhood. DMT consults with the band to determine a strategically mapped tour that provides a showcase opportunity based on the potential attendance in a city on that night of the week. The tour is based on the time and budget allowances for the band. Additional services include promotion of the tour in the scheduled areas, networking opportunities with other venues and bands in those areas, arrangements for lodging and transportation. DMT also serves the mainstream public as a full service travel agency.

The Artist Relations Division of Syren Spawn provides artist development, artist management and booking services for its own roster of artists. In addition to a number of proprietary music contracted artists are also supported with in-house creative services including photography, graphic arts, review writing, video and audio production.

Syren Spawn was established in 2003 by founders, Lisa Bonner, Clark Wheeler and Kurt Struebing, a combination of 30 year veterans in the fields of music and artist development. The company quickly grew from a locally-focused Seattle network of Metal and Punk bands to a nationally recognized development company within it first 6 months of inception. After years of operating as competing bands NME, The BrainDead, and Agony of Deceit (AOD) consolidated into a single campus in 2003. Syren Spawn as a new family is part of an inclusive team of close to 20 members, all veterans in their chosen field.

The early 90's brought growth and evolution as Seattle developed into a city attuned to the unique sounds of the Grunge scene and now of the emerging Metal and Punk music artists. Since most of the music industry is founded on the concept of promoting the artist as a ""somebody," Syren Spawn's early decision to build a company championing the cause of the "nobody" was risky at best. Syren Spawn has been honored to serve in the development process of several emerging artists that have cracked through the difficult shell and who have moved forward in part-time and full-time music industry.

Syren Spawn is not your garden variety Music Management Company. We are different by design. Our unique focus on the emerging artist and our constraint to the music platforms of the Metal and Punk Rock cultures can be misunderstood... especially when viewed through the lenses of conventional music industry glasses. From Syren Spawn choice of guiding philosophy to its intentional location outside of the mainstream influences of music's Seattle power center, Syren Spawn is consistently unconventional. The pioneering spirit is still alive in the Pacific Northwest, and it infiltrates the structure of Syren Spawn. Although much of the structure of the music industry is integrated into the network of Syren Spawn, it is applied very differently in order to meet the real-world needs of the emerging artist and the sensibilities of booking agents and record labels in choosing musicians to showcase to their customers.

Although some Syren Spawn products are being made available through retail outlets, the majority of our recordings and products are available and sold through exclusive direct distribution. Our marketing paradigm places a large emphasis on supporting the individual performance activity of roster artists. Retail distribution and media support is aligned as appropriate for each roster artist in direct correlation to their marketing strategy and performance schedule. Since our artists perform almost exclusively in the context of North American small capacity venues, our marketing and distribution aligns with the unique paradigms of underground marketplace.



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